Basic SI for using PADS HyperLynx


13th March 2018
EUR 650

Basic SI for using PADS HyperLynx

Duration: 1 day


Course Overview

The HyperLynx® Introduction for PADS course provides PADS Standard Plus and ES users an introduction into High Speed (Signal Integrity) design with the tools they available today.


After attending the course, you have a basic understanding of Signal Integrity and implement it into your design process. The class is intended for people new to this subject. Signal Integrity behaviour is explained using basic examples. Followed by self-educational labs and discussions on the labs subject. Followed by explaining Basic IBIS modeling functionality with a LAB. Finishing by showing the PADS integration.


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Signal Integrity
    • Introduction of SI
      • Principles explained Easy (with examples)
      • Problems and Definitions
    • Principle 4T Solution
      • Technology, Topology, Termination, Transmission line (with examples)
  • 3 Step design strategies to optimize SI
    • Board stackup Design (Lab)
    • Pre-Layout Simulation (Lab)
    • Post-Layout Simulation (Lab)
  • Basic IBIS modeling and timing (with examples)
  • Integration with Dx-Designer and PADS-Layout (demo)
  • Links to go deeper into SI



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