InnoFour consists of a dedicated team of experienced engineers working closely with medium and small sized businesses within the electronic design industry. We are dedicated to help you to meet your current and future design challenges in order to improve the day to day increasing productivity and quality demand. Selling software that covers hardware and software design from IC to PCB, including quality and reliability testing and managing the process from component management to your complete product.
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Our Services


We help you jumpstart your business and make sure it evolves


Are you looking for technical support? Or simply wish to get our expert opinion on a product? Don't hesitate to contact us.


We offer consultancy for your most complex problems. With all our expertise in different fields our advisors help you with every question you have.


We offer a wide range of training classes which are especially designed to accelerate productivity and to help you to apply the products and meet your specific needs.

Our Solutions

CAE Simulation & Test

Accelerating innovation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Characterization

Electronic Design Automation

Electronic design automation (EDA) software tools for designing electronic systems such as integrated circuits and printed circuit boards. The tools work together in a design flow that chip designers use to design and analyze entire semiconductor chips.


Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required in the production and integration of a product's components.


PLM system combines business processes with data management and collaboration features to enable product data to be controlled and shared with the extended enterprise across all phases of a product's life span (concept, development, production, support, end-of-life).


Capital® and VeSys® are deployed throughout the world within the automotive, aerospace, rail and specialty vehicle industries.

PADS Professional

PADS Professional is an affordable, self-contained, integrated PCB design flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups.

"ED&A moved from PCAD to PADS® Professional with technical assistance and guidance from InnoFour. PADS® Professional provides us with a distinct set of applications and it helps us to address our custom made products design challenges."

Patrick Smout
R&D Manager at E.D.&A.

Design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs with PADS® Professional, the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition® technology.


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Job Opportunity

Technical Sales Engineer ALM and PLM region Benelux and Scandinavia (full time)

As a Technical Sales Engineer you will be focused on pre-sales and consulting activities for our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for the entire region.

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Improve product quality to reduce Time 2 Market

These days, there is a greater importance on getting products to market faster, more efficiently, and with greater quality, especially in industries like aerospace and defense, automotive, life sciences, and high tech—all verticals in which product demands are increasingly becoming more complex and competitive.

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Time to market

Innovative and better-performing products

We help our customers face today's challenges like lower delelopment costs, faster time-to-market, reduced operational risk and compliance by providing them with innovative and better-performing products so their productivity can be increased by up to 40x.

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Improving Quoting Process

We help our customers handle their Quoting Process by offering the best in class products and solutions to prevail over the quoting challenges which are faced by the engineers today, such as getting prices from ERP system, distributors by using DistiDirect checks online with distributors such as DigiKey, Farnell, using your company credentials.

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Case #1 Actemium

Effective Quoting Processes

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Virtual Simulation

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Case #3 Sintef

Reducing time to market

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Case #4 Apex-Research

Comparing experimental and computational results

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Case #5 Westermo

Reduce board spins and improved product quality

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