PADS Tips & Tricks - May 2013

PADS Tips & Tricks - May 2013

May - Do your designs require Simulation and Analysis?


Are you doing any simulation today, specifically for signal integrity issues?  Many design professionals believe that simulaiton is only needed for really bleeding-edge technology.  But in my recent meetings with customers, they are finding they need to simulate designs that once did not.  Even on simpler consumer electronic devices, or industrial controllers, the components they need to purchase for use on these have edge rates that make simulation a requirement.  Many still try to rely on the tried and true rules-of-thumb, but these are coming up short!


If this is you, the PADS ES Suite delivers best-in-class pre- and post-layout signal integrity tools built in.  These tools are designed for any electrical engineer to easily use: you don’t need to be a SI expert!


Take a look at this short video for more information on simulation in the PADS ES Suite.




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