Reliability Design

DfR Solutions - Quality, reliability, and safety software and services

About DfR Solutions

DfR Solutions is the leading provider of quality, reliability, and safety software and services for the electronics industry.  We support clients across electronic technology markets including aviation and aerospace, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, military, solar, telecommunications, as well as throughout the electronic component and material supply chain.


The innovative reliability software and industry expertise empower customers to maximize and accelerate product design and development while saving time, managing resources, and improving customer satisfaction.


Applying an integrated use of the science of Physics of Failure, best practices, and an in depth understanding of industry standards, we provide crucial insights and solutions early in product design and throughout the product life cycle.


The History

DfR Solutions was started in 2005 and has grown to include personnel with backgrounds from a variety of industries such as automotive, avionics, contract manufacturing, defense, industrial controls, solar, and superconductors. In 2012, in response for demand for premier reliability services throughout the European market, we expanded our operations into Europe with the opening of an office in Espoo, Finland and Almelo, Netherlands. 


ISO 9001 Certified

Illustrating our commitment to deliver the level of quality services and software that our customers have come to expect, DfR Solutions is ISO 9001:2008 certified for reliability, quality, and durability consulting and research to the electronics industry, for government and private sectors, through services which include research, design, review, product testing, failure analysis, consulting, and development of automated design analysis software.  View our ISO 9001:2008 Certification.