Design Review Services

Design Review Services


In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive electronics market, producing reliable products is critical to a company’s success. Business case studies have consistently shown that implementing comprehensive design reviews as product development gating functions is the only proven method for ensuring a reliable product.


Physics of Failure is a modern, science-based approach to designing quality and reliability into products based on the knowledge of how and why components and materials break or wear out.  This knowledge comes from research that focuses on understanding the fundamental electrical, chemical, mechanical, and physical processes and mechanisms that cause degradation and failure.


This combination of deep industry expertise (Industry Best Practices) plus fundamental knowledge of manufacturing and design science (Physics of Failure) enables DfR Solutions to provide exacting feedback, crucial insights and solutions right from the start, and throughout product life cycle.

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CASE STUDY: A major Fortune 150 Industrial Company selected DfR Solutions to provide reliability and manufacturability reviews of all major electronic programs. 10 to 15 times a year, DfR experts are called out to review designs at various stages in product development process. DfR Solution’s involvement has helped reduce initial production start up issues and field risk, while decreasing time to market.