Product Testing and Qualification

Product Testing and Qualification


Product test plans — also referred to as design verification, product qualification, and accelerated life testing — are critical to the successful launch of a new product or technology on the market. The plans must be realistic, relevant, and provide clear value to the organization.


Testing must be Realistic

DfR Solutions is a leader in Physics of Failure and has an unparalleled understanding of product environments. We rely on these knowledge resources, as well as the concept of “realistic worst-case”, to craft test plans that precisely replicate the conditions your product will experience at the customer. Our test plans bring out real design deficiencies or defects, but do not introduce excessive stresses that cause non-representative product failure. Every test we recommend is clearly related to the eventual use environment, including screening, storage, transportation/shipping, installation, and operation.


Testing must be Relevant

Testing must be recognizable to your customer. Unacceptable risks can come from not knowing industry standards or differing widely from market norms. DfR Solutions’ subject matter experts are highly knowledgeable of relevant industry and government specifications, including International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), MIL-STD-810, IPC-9592A, and JEDEC JESD218 / 219. However, we are also keenly aware of the limitations of those test specifications. This understanding sets us apart in the test industry and provides you with the solutions you need to assure your product’s longevity. We have formulated test plans for a broad range of markets, including:

  • Consumer appliances
  • Personal computers

  • Mobile phones and other mobile products
  • Enterprise / Server

  • Telecom (Class I, II, and III environments)
  • Medical (implantable, portable, etc.)

  • Industrial controls (process monitoring, utility meters, etc.)
  • Automotive (under-hood, passenger compartment, chassis, and trunk)

  • Transportation (off-road, train-based, etc.)
  • Avionics (engine controls, fuselage)

  • Military (radio, vehicle, etc.)
  • Down-hole drilling


Testing must Provide Value Testing is a very critical phase for your product; it deserves to have the solid knowledge and experience of an industry expert behind it. DfR Solutions offers accurate testing that helps you get to market faster, with a better product.