Make a prediction!

Make a prediction!


The greatest potential for improvement is before the first prototype is ever built. Sherlock takes the most requested qualification tests and most common customer environments and packages them for you allowing you to predict design weaknesses sooner and improve designs earlier and more cost effectively. Sherlock tests include:


Virtual Thermal Cycling

Save months of test time, or guarantee success at qualification, by putting your design through ‘virtual temperature cycling’ and get results in minutes!


Virtual Vibration

Calculate the response of your design to vibration loads without the hassle of full finite element modeling (FEA). Sherlock utilizes the outputs generated by all EDA tools (Mentor, Cadence, Altium, CAD350, Zuken, etc.) to automatically generate the models necessary to assess random and harmonic vibration concerns.


Plated Through Hole (PTH) Fatigue

Compute life of every plated through hole on your board based on thermal gradients, board materials, and PTH quality. Find weak points with only a few clicks of your mouse.


Conductive Anodic Filaments (CAF)

Determine the risk of CAF formation based on PTH separation, material selection and the intended use environment.


Solder Joint Fatigue

Using robust, fully validated algorithms and an automatic package identification process, predict the solder joint reliability of all of your electronic components. With Sherlock’s intuitive interface and easy commands, capture the influence of different board materials, board stackup, component location, and solder alloys on part lifetime.


Virtual Shock

Understand your design’s susceptibility to mechanical shock before a single prototype is built.