The Future of Design

The Future of Design


Sherlock Automated Design Analysis is the future of design. It is the integration of design rules, best practices, and a return to a physics-based understanding of product reliability.


By focusing on all aspects of design as early in the product development process as possible, and avoiding build-test-fix inefficiencies, engineering teams are seeing dramatic improvements in time to market and a reduction in development costs. In response to ‘smaller-faster-cheaper’ demands from their primary customers, electronic component manufacturers are designing and fabricating components with shorter lifetimes. Worldwide legislation is increasingly requiring the use of more environmentally friendly materials (lead-free, halogen-free, etc.) in design. Capturing the risks associated with these changing demands requires the use of physics of failure.


Physics of failure based Sherlock, leverages the knowledge and understanding of the processes and mechanisms that induce failure to predict reliability. Traditionally, physics of failure analysis was time consuming.


With the introduction of Sherlock Automated Design Analysis, product failure can be predicted sooner


  • Improving overall product performance

  • Speeding time to market
  • Increasing profitability

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction