Component Manager

Component Manager

For the electronic engineer developing a product, the ability to manage and quickly access corporate component information is critical to success.


Geographically dispersed design teams often use separate component databases, which may be out of sync or out of date. This can cause mistakes during product development that go undetected until later in the design cycle, causing costly redesigns or quality problems.

Component information can come from a variety of sources including corporate parts databases, manufacturers' data books and design systems. When adding component information to the design, outdated and missing data can affect design integrity and manufacturability. A more reliable solution is to have all the latest information accessible to all designers throughout the enterprise.

This new offering from InnoFour is ideal for engineers using electronic design automation (EDA), mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and other design tools. This business-ready solution delivers an easy to use and quick to implement system. The product suites provide engineers with secure, instant access to part and BOM information directly within the design environment.


System Details

The Component Manager is a Centralized Component Information and Collaboration System. It provides a single system to manage all component data for electrical design.



  • Behavioral/Physical Parameters
  • Simulation Models

  • Business Data
  • Regulatory/Compliance Data

  • Safety/Reliability



  • Datasheets, Drawings, Certificates (Compliance)



  • Manufacturer/Supplier Part Numbers
  • Datasheets/Specifications


The Component Manager connects directly to your schematic capture, simulation, and layout tools. Engineers access the data directly from their design environment and do not need to use/learn new tools.

Why Component Manager?

Our customers face the following challenges:

  • Engineers maintaining separate libraries
  • Error prone data entry
  • Inaccurate/inconsistent/incomplete component data
  • No documentation (datasheets/specifications/compliance)
  • No History Tracking/Audit Trail
  • No formal introduction process
  • No process to prevent Engineers from using Parts that are undesirable or obsolete
  • No past usage information


Component Manager has been developed to address these and other challenges. Refer to the Key Features page for more information on Component Manager, or Sign up for a free product demonstration.