Key Benefits Component Manager

Key Benefits Component Manager

Reduced Product Development Costs

Component Manager provides engineers with up-to-date information such as costs, availability, lead-times, etc. This data is presented to the engineer during the design phase, thus ensuring designs are built with only the most desirable components.


Reduced Component Issues in Manufacturing

Component Manager provides a collaboration environment that allows electrical engineers, PCB designers, and Manufacturing engineers to assign and update component information. This assures the correct PCB footprint, physical dimensions, and manufacturability information is assigned to components and alleviates the burden of one person obtaining all information.


Fewer Board Spins

Workflow and signoff processes can be used to provide visibility for all groups involved in product design. PCB designers will have early visibility to design data to review and report potential problems during the design phase.


Real Time Visibility

During the design phase, Component Manager can generate reports (partial or complete designs) to provide engineers with visibility into component (and design) costs, availability, and supplier information to detect and avoid potential problems with specific components used on a design.


Process/Workflow Governance

Workflows and signoff procedures can be employed to ensure visibility for all product design team members. With multiple sets of eyes from various disciplines involved, design issues are corrected during the design phase.


Component Compliance

Compliance data (such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc.) can be managed for all components. Built-in reports can identify problem components and suggest alternatives.


The Component Manager Platform – Fully expandable for add-on modules

Built on the Omnify Empower application platform, Component Manager is fully expandable for add-on modules. Refer to the Features page for more information on add-on modules.


Component Manager Deployment Options

  • Component Manager is a completely web browser-based system. There is no client software to install.
  • Component Manager is offered as either a Hosted/Cloud-based service or an on-premises (installed on your network) system.