Sherlock drives reliable design at TRW Automotive

Sherlock drives reliable design at TRW Automotive


TRW Automotive needed a tool to support its continuous product performance improvement goals.



As automotive electrical systems become more complex and more critical in overall vehicle control and safety, automotive suppliers are facing increasingly demanding test and qualification requirements from manufacturers. TRW Automotive was searching for a tool that could support its product performance improvement efforts and allow it to meet high customer expectations.


The DfR Solution

TRW Automotive chose Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ from DfR Solutions. The software’s intuitive commands and ease of use enable usage among a broad range of engineers and managers, where rapid results provide almost immediate feedback on product performance in the hands of the customer. Sherlock enables TRW to confirm the robustness of their designs before test and allows them to communicate with their customers on the relevancy of the test requirements. Sherlock Automated Design Analysis™ is an innovative software tool that enables electronics manufacturers to design-in product reliability earlier in the product development process contributing to quicker time to market, reduced development costs, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profits.


In Their Own Words

“After evaluating its capabilities compared to alternative methods of reliability simulation and demonstrating its worth in real product situations, TRW has acquired the Sherlock tool as an important part of its tool-set to support the continuous improvement of product performance,” says John Coates, manufacturing technology manager, electronics engineering at TRW Automotive.