DfR Solutions helps Semblant advance its newest surface finishing technology

DfR Solutions helps Semblant advance its newest surface finishing technology.

The Challenge

Semblant needed to confirm that a newly developed plasma coating for PCBs was highly effective at preventing oxidation and corrosion.


The Background

Creep corrosion has become an important concern since the introduction of ImAg surface finish as part of the Pbfree movement. After electronic products with ImAg were released in high volume it was found that those used in environments high in sulfur would fail as soon as 6 weeks in the field.

In response to this problem, Semblant Limited, an international company specializing in plasma deposition for the electronics industry, developed Semblant Plasma Finish, SPF, a versatile PCB and substrate surface finish with extraordinary properties including solder through, exceptional solderability, ultra-corrosion resistance, flux containment, creep corrosion suppression and has a modifiable surface energy.


The DfR Solution

DfR Solutions assisted Semblant with product development as well as testing for its newest Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF). In addition to identifying suitable markets and applications for the product, DfR Solutions conducted a series of sulfur corrosion tests on the new Semblant coatings to determine how effective the new coating was at preventing corrosion.


The new SPF coating showed an obvious improvement in protection from sulfur based corrosion. The finishes were protected from both tarnishing and creep corrosion. The Hi-P ENIG coating without SPF showed considerable pitting compared to the standard ENIG. This information allowed Semblant to launch its new product quickly and with high confidence in its field performance.


In Their Own Words

Steven Lowder, CEO – Semblant, “The technical staff at DfR Solutions has been very helpful in validating the effectiveness of our revolutionary, new plasma coating, Semblant Plasma Finish (SPF). The release of SPF Solution is critical to the growth of our business. Working on this project with the experts at DfR allowed us to launch this important new product quickly and with a high degree of confidence in its market success.”