DfR Solutions powers Silver Spring Networks performance for product launch

DfR Solutions powers Silver Spring Networks performance for product launch.


Silver Spring Networks needed to accurately predict field performance of products during a critical product launch.



Silver Spring provides energy efficient smart grid technologies that connect utilities with their customers. During a critical product launch, Silver Spring wanted to ensure that its products were going to perform in the field as expected.


The DfR Solution

DfR Solutions worked closely with Silver Spring Networks (SSN) to predict future product performance. DfR recommended two parallel activities that would provide independent confirmation of expected field behavior. The first set of activities was geared towards testing in well controlled environments. These included component-level testing, designed and performed by DfR, as well as product-level testing performed at SSN. Using physics-of-failure algorithms validated through extensive experimentation, DfR extrapolated component test results to expected SSN system field performance. In parallel, DfR Solutions reviewed the product’s low rate of warranty returns and use standard statistical techniques for predicting product success based on geographic location and time in the field. These two independent activities provided for a robust confirmation of SSN system field performance, allowing SSN and its customers to develop a high degree of confidence and to move forward with their revolutionary energy-saving technology.


In Their Own Words

Ron Goodall, Vice President of Manufacturing, Silver Spring Networks: “We came to DfR to help us more accurately predict field performance for a critical product launch. Their dual expertise in reliability physics and statistical analysis provided the expertise to enable us to predict field performance and providing our customers with a high degree of confidence in our technology.”