Mentor Graphics PCB Forum
9th of October 2013

10:00 – 17:15

Elite Hotel Ideon

Scheelevägen 27

223 63 Lund

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Mentor PCB Forum is designed to bring you up to speed on all of the latest capabilities within the DxDesigner, Expedition Enterprise, HyperLynx and Valor NPI releases. But it also provides a great opportunity to:

  • Understand how the technologies were designed for seamless integrated process flows
  • Get practical advice from Mentor experts who understand how tools operate most efficiently
  • Participate in discussions on how on how to perfect the use of tools for your environment
  • Gain inspiration and knowledge by connecting with peers


The seminar will present the latest releases of Mentor Graphics PCB design solutions. The presentations include "sneak previews" to showcase future technology and developments.


To further increase the networking time we invite you to join us for a fun event with dinner and a pool tournament after the seminars. This takes place at Glorias/Paradis Biljard and starts at 18:00!

What You Will Learn

The seminar will present the latest releases of the PCB design solutions and provide insights on how to be more productive and innovative in your PCB design flow.

The following products will be discussed in detail:

  • DxDesigner
  • DxSystems Designer
  • I/O Designer
  • Expedition PCB
  • HyperLynx DRC
  • HyperLynx Power Integrity
  • HyperLynx Signal Integrity
  • Valor NPI
  Who Should Attend
  • Team/Project Leaders
  • Design Engineers
  • PCB Designers
  • CAD Managers

Presentations with abstracts

Improving Layout Design Productivity with Expedition PCB
Layout design is increasing in complexity due to additional constraints on electrical performance and manufacturability. This session will highlight new technology coming to the Expedition flow for layout design. Key additions include automation of interactive sketch routes, a context-sensitive modeless environment, hierarchical placement, and many other improvements.

Unleash the Full Power of your PCB Design Entry Software Tools with DXDesigner & IODesigner
The next major release of Expedition Enterprise will take your PCB Design Entry productivity to the highest level. Come and see how we are making the tool much easier to use for both casual and expert users alike. In addition, we are introducing a new leading edge floorplan-based technology for FPGA on-board optimization. Be one of the first to see live demonstrations of the new industry leading design entry technologies.


Multi-Board Systems Design with DxSystems Designer
The engineering of a complex system of multiple PCBs by a team of engineers requires an integrated set of tools from system-level functional block definition to partitioned PCBs. This session will introduce new technology that provides a single cockpit for all conceptual and logical system definitions, eliminating data re-entry errors and improving system performance.

Enabling Enterprise Design Data Management with EDM & DMS
The Expedition Enterprise flow is centered on a common design infrastructure between engineering teams, analysis tools and experts, PCB layout, production engineering, and the manufacturing floor. Managing the evolving design data in this environment can be very dynamic, with all of the above data continuously changing. The dynamics of an integrated flow have proven to significantly increase productivity, but also require integrated management of native design data and processes throughout the lifecycle of the design. The complexities of this integrated data set must be clearly understood to accurately move or bundle the design data, or downstream issues can occur and data can become out of sync — leaving you to wonder if you have the right data. We will introduce a new solution (EDM) that addresses both the WIP information management and design data management challenges. EDM provides a centralized environment to manage all the data required to conduct the ECAD design, facilitating collaboration among engineers in real time during the design phase. 


Using Accelerated Techniques to Exhaustively Scan Whole PCBs for Potential Problems with HyperLynx DRC
In spite of efforts to make detailed SI and PI simulation as productive as possible, today’s constricted design windows make it difficult to analyze the electrical performance of an entire PCB. How then can a designer ensure that no problems “sneak through” into production versions of a board? HyperLynx addresses this need with several automated features requiring minimal modeling and setup, but offering fast verification techniques that make triage of an entire PCB practical. These include accelerated approaches to DC-drop, thermal, crosstalk, and decoupling-capacitor-mounting analysis. Of special note is the new HyperLynx DRC product, a powerful, rules-based verification solution capable of exhaustively analyzing a routed board for common signal-integrity, power-integrity, and EMI/EMC design-guide violations. Out-of-the-box, HyperLynx DRC can rigorously find violations of 22 detailed electrical checks; companies can also author custom rule sets (encrypted, if desired) tailored to proprietary design processes. The DRC product is an exciting addition to the HyperLynx product line — be sure to learn about its unique capabilities in this session.


High-Speed Design with HyperLynx 9.0
Virtual prototyping through simulation is critical for today's multi-gbps, SerDes, DDRx, low power designs. We will discuss the latest advances in our simulation tools for signal/power/thermal/EMI integrity, including validation studies that confirmed simulation accuracy at multi-gbps.


Lean New Product Introduction with Valor NPI
With the speed of the market today, your product’s success is often determined by the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.  How quickly you get your product to market, at what cost and at what quality level is all determined during the NPI process.  Mentor’s Valor NPI and Process Preparation software can help you accelerate your NPI process with concurrent DFM and streamlined PCB manufacturing.  When coupled with intelligent data exchange via the industry standard ODB++, your supply chain is optimized for efficiency and quality.