Webinar: Solve Pad Cratering with Sherlock

Solve Pad Cratering with Sherlock

By DfR Solutions

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Pad cratering is a mechanically induced fracture in the solder joint. It is commonly found under BGA's and other array devices.

What You Will Learn

This presentation will discuss how pad craters are by either ICT fixtures or other mechanical forces on the PCBA.

Finally, it will demonstrate how Sherlock's ICT module can predict the occurrence of pad craters and then how you can use Sherlock to prevent the craters from occurring.


Who Should Attend

  • Engineering Managers
  • Design Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Reliability/Quality Engineers



What: Solve Pad Cratering with Sherlock

When: Thursday 21th of November 2013

Where: Online

Time: 17:00 PM - 18.30 PM CEST; Register now


Time: 20.00 PM - 21.30 PM CEST; Register now