xDX Designer for PADS


20th Aug / 21st Aug 2018
EUR 1300
22nd Oct / 23rd Oct 2018
EUR 1300

xDX Designer for PADS


Duration: 2 Days

Course Part Number: 238783


Course Overview

Using the DxDesigner tools suite, you will gain proficiency in project management with Dashboard, schematic capture with DxDesigner, part selection using DxDataBook™, and much more. You will also learn how to prepare your final schematic for interfacing with the Mentor Graphics® PADS® Layout tool.


You Will Learn How To

  • Use DxDesigner proficiently in the creation of flat and hierarchical schematic designs
  • Place wires and buses in the design to create net connections
  • Use DxDatabook to search, select, and verify parts used in your design
  • Create symbols for your schematics through a variety of methods
  • Effectively build intelligence into your design using properties
  • Compile, package and export your schematic to PADS for place and route
  • Use the Constraint Editor to create and assign constraints to your design

Hands-On Lab

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using DxDesigner software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Creating a project and setting up projects in Dashboard and DxDesigner
  • Configuring DxDesigner
  • Schematic creation for flat and hierarchical designs
  • Modifying existing schematics
  • Symbol graphics creation
  • Adding properties to symbols and schematics
  • Net label cross-referencing
  • Interfacing to PADS layout tool
  • Setting constraints with the Constraint Editor
  • A student design challenge that pulls together all aspects of the tool discussed during class


  • Familiarity with Windows or UNIX operating systems



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