Concurrent Team Design

Concurrent Team Design

Accelerate PCB design with dynamic, real-time multi-user layout and constraint entry


Xpedition xPCB Team Layout, formerly known as XtremePCB, lets multiple users concurrently access, edit, and save PCB designs from any location, at any time. Work with the entire database in real time — no need to partition and re-assemble the design. The tool manages edits from all users and continually sends updates to the entire team.


Workers utilizing concurrent design practices reduce design cycle time by 40 to 70 percent for even the most complex PCBs.


  • Multiple LAN or WAN users can simultaneously edit and update a common PCB layout database in real time
  • Extremely fast and accurate autorouting on multiple heterogeneous platforms
  • Resolves user conflicts in real time


Simultaneous collaboration anywhere

Allows multiple, globally-dispersed PCB designers to work in a single design database simultaneously

Highly effective conflict management

Editing "force fields" preserve changes, allow each designer to see all other client edits being made, in real time

10X improvement in autorouting

speedUtilizes up to 15 CPUs simultaneously for faster autorouting of large PCBs

Team design features

  • Unlike traditional team design methodologies that employ a split-and-join approach to design collaboration, no physical partitioning is required and every designer sees all other client edits in real-time
  • Permits designers to work on critical areas of a design together without impacting each other’s productivity
  • Sandbox technology lets users isolate circuitry to restrict unauthorized changes
  • All layout tasks supported (placement, interactive/autorouting, manufacturing preparation)
  • Dynamic real-time constraint entry
  • Dynamic real-time multi-user conflict management
  • Scalable up to 15 local or global users
  • No additional training required


Distributed autorouting features

  • Utilizes up to 15 CPUs simultaneously for 10x faster auto-routing of large PCBs
  • Enables large batch PCB routing operations from anywhere in the world
  • Performs extremely fast and accurate auto-routing on multiple heterogeneous platforms
  • Provides ability to test multiple design options (part placement, constraints, layers, etc.) to find most effective choice