Design Review

Design Review

A viewing collaboration environment accessible to all design departments


Collaborate within design teams, between design and manufacturing groups, and within manufacturing with visECAD.


Its comprehensive viewer lets you capture, annotate and pass intelligent data, ensuring faster, more accurate, and easier collaboration on any design.


Schematic capture and layout information is presented to the user with all the intelligence of the authoring ECAD system.



Enhance schematic and layout collaboration without worrying about standards conflicts

Clear, unambiguous markups

Design reviewing delivers maximum markup clarity with redline, sticky note, hyperlinks, and embedded images

Separate PCB and schematic navigation controls

Easily access critical design data including signals, symbols, nets and components

Technical Specifications

  • Eliminates errors and omissions by allowing all departments to provide review input
  • Schematic and layout collaboration enhanced through ECAD-neutral formats
  • Eliminates ambiguity between departments with direct markup of the PCB or schematic
  • Maximum markup clarity with redline, sticky note, hyperlinks, and embedded images
  • Quickly understand changes between designs with graphical, data and netlist comparisons
  • Standard HTML reporting creates standard output reports on the design data including design summary, placement, line length, and netlist information
  • Authorized users participate in discussions or markups — resulting comment log allows updating the layout with the necessary changes
  • Custom output templates can be created to create reports that can be read by other, downstream systems
  • DRC results can be reviewed and comments entered
  • Individual or groups of DRCs can be easily converted to more detailed markup discussions