Library Management

Library Management

Utilize a single, central environment for component, library, and reuse management within the Xpedition design flow


Xpedition® xDM Librarian, formerly known as DMS, ensures library integrity throughout the component lifecycle.


It eliminates manual efforts to keep library, component information, and commercial part information from the enterprise in sync for a reduction in component research time across engineering, component cost, and inventory through the use of preferred parts and fewer new part introductions.


Enterprise-level library management

Seamlessly integrates multiple disciplines

Central repository maximizes efficiency

Streamlines component information management, including part selection

Tightly integrated with the Xpedition Enterprise flow

Consistent data management from initial part selection to the final BOM

Technical Specifications

  • Centralizes library creation, management, distribution and end user functionality for collaborative work within a single library system
  • Integrated ECAD library and design reuse view and lifecycle management
  • Brings consolidated critical information to the engineer’s desktop, integrating tightly with design tools and enabling the best part research and selection within a single system
  • Readily scalable from smaller size customers to multi-site global customers
  • Preferred part list and shopping carts steer engineers to make compliant component choices
  • Access and security controls enable centralized IP management in a single repository for the entire corporation
  • Release independent interface to PLM and ERP systems possible with minimal configuration
  • Reduces infrastructure cost by managing all corporate libraries in one central environment
  • Improves overall design quality by incorporating validated library components that are preferred and approved for use
  • Increases engineering efficiency by reducing component research time up to 35 percent
  • Ensures ECAD library integrity through built-in automation and checks
  • Reduces retrofit costs and design iterations by incorporating life cycle and compliance considerations early in the design process
  • Enables faster design cycles through built-in design reuse management
  • Reduces new part introduction and inventory costs by encouraging use of existing approved parts
  • Scalable from small workgroup library and component service through global enterprise needs with common user paradigm