Component Information Management

Component Information Management

Rapid component search-and-selection of parts over a global corporate intranet or the web


Xpedition® xDX Databook, formerly known as DxDatabook, allows allows design engineers to access all component information without data redundancy, multiple libraries or time-consuming tool overhead. It easily integrates with corporate component and MRP databases through industry-standard ODBC, enabling geographically dispersed design teams to access central component information.


Dedicated query builder gives fine control over search parameters, including multiple AND/OR conditions
Downloads and displays component data in a spreadsheet-style format, making it easy for users to compare characteristics
Automatically displays available manufacturers and respective production control status, allowing designers to incorporate lead-time, price and inventory concerns into component choices
Full integration with other Xpedition Enterprise tools such for library management


Technical Specifications

  • Centralizes library creation, management, distribution and end user functionality for collaborative work within a single library system
  • Integrated ECAD library and design reuse view and lifecycle management
  • Brings consolidated critical information to the engineer’s desktop, integrating tightly with design tools and enabling the best part research and selection within a single system
  • Readily scalable from smaller size customers to multi-site global customers
  • Preferred part list and shopping carts steer engineers to make compliant component choices
  • Access and security controls enable centralized IP management in a single repository for the entire corporation
  • Release independent interface to PLM and ERP systems possible with minimal configuration
  • Reduces infrastructure cost by managing all corporate libraries in one central environment
  • Improves overall design quality by incorporating validated library components that are preferred and approved for use
  • Increases engineering efficiency by reducing component research time up to 35 percent
  • Ensures ECAD library integrity through built-in automation and checks
  • Reduces retrofit costs and design iterations by incorporating life cycle and compliance considerations early in the design process
  • Enables faster design cycles through built-in design reuse management
  • Reduces new part introduction and inventory costs by encouraging use of existing approved parts
  • Scalable from small workgroup library and component service through global enterprise needs with common user paradigm