HyperLynx DRC

HyperLynx DRC

Powerful, fully customizable, and fast design rule checking tool


HyperLynx® DRC performs PCB design rule checks for issues affecting EMI/EMC, signal integrity, and power integrity.


HyperLynx DRC includes a core set of rule checks, and offers extensive customizability. It accesses database objects through the automation object model (AOM), and allows advanced geometrical operations on these objects. This offers unique access to the design database and allows development of highly variable rule checks.


With support for VBScript and JavaScript, thorough documentation of the AOM and DRC coding standards, and a built-in script debugging environment, this highly customizable product speeds analysis by automating rule checks that would otherwise be performed manually.


Supports built-in and custom rules

Scan and flag areas of potential EMI, SI, and PI problems

Powerful DRC rule capabilities

Supports implementation of the most complex rules for all aspects of electrical rule checking

Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface

Easy setup and navigation with setup wizard and project explorer lets you quickly get up to speed, define rules and review errors

Automatic and customizable design rule check tool

  • Built-in and custom rules scan and flag areas of potential EMI, SI, and PI problems on PCBs
  • Allows the use of rule checks to quickly screen nets for further analysis using simulation
  • Powerful DRC rule capability allows for implementation of complex rules for all aspects of electrical rule checking
  • Intuitive graphical interface presents results in user-sortable spreadsheet format
  • Performs comprehensive board design review using 19 standard DRCs including traces crossing splits, reference plane changes, shielding and via checks
  • Delivers easy-to-use script writing and debugging environment
  • Custom rule creation with extensive customization
  • Database object access through the automation object model (AOM)
  • VBScript and JavaScript support
  • Thorough documentation of AOM and DRC coding standards
  • Comprehensive results and reports