PCB Fabrication Preparation

PCB Fabrication Preparation

Integrated fabrication preparation environment


Xpedition® xPCB FabLink, formerly known as FabLink XE, enables designers to create documentation and manufacturing-ready outputs at either the board or panel level.


Through tight integration with the Xpedition layout database, changes made during layout are reflected in manufacturing drawings. Changes made to the PCB design database will be reflected in the panel design when it is opened.


Flexible, detailed view

Selectively show a detailed and/or scaled view of a specific area of the PCB or panel design

  Copper balancing
Creates a balanced design at both the PCB design and panel level
Integrates tightly with Xpedition layout
Manufacturing preparation can proceed in parallel with final layout edits



Technical Specifications

  • Panel wizard quickly and easily creates a new panel using the existing templates, with the PCB design placement the only remaining operation necessary prior to generating the manufacturing outputs
  • Panel level DRC checks with advanced and user definable rules for panel specific cells to other panel elements
  • All Gerber and drill data is imported to user-defined layers allowing verification that manufacturing data within the original design database, both for the individual PCB and panel design
  • Output schemes can be saved as a PDF and reused to ensure consistency and repeatability when generating documents
  • Allows the best part research and selection within a single system
  • Integrated ECAD library and design reuse view and lifecycle management
  • Integrates tools for librarians and component engineers to consistently manage an enterprise library in a global design environment
  • Multiple copies of different PCB design databases in a single panel design
  • Quickly and easily identify out-of-date manufacturing data compared to the design data
  • Scripting allows users to quickly and easily extend the functionality of the basic tools
  • Users can automate creation of all necessary output files for design fabrication