Live Webinar: Injecting Automation into Verification Code Coverage

Injecting Automation into Verification – Code Coverage

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Code Coverage is a method used to determine the effectiveness of the testbench for a piece of HDL code, which it does by measuring and indicating what percentage of the design was exercised by this testbench. The concept originally came from the software world where this is used in almost every software development organisation in their verification cycles. Despite the similarity of HDL code to software written in languages such as C, it is not so extensively used in HDL code verification.

Without code coverage the designer will find it hard (or impossible) to know if all aspects of the RTL code have been exercised by the testbench. Code Coverage is built into the simulator and it will tell the designer which areas have been exercised and, much more importantly, which have not. Without the use of Code Coverage it is highly likely that key parts of the functionality of a design have not been fully verified which leaves the possibility of bugs slipping through the scope of the regression tests.


What You Will Learn

  • What Code Coverage is
  • What it can tell you about your code and testbench
  • How it can be used within your verification environment


Who Should Attend

  • Design Engineers
  • Verification Engineers
  • Quality Engineers or Managers



What Injecting Automation into Verification – Code Coverage
When Thursday the 20th of March 2014
Where Online
Time 4:00 PM CET
Duraton 1 hour
Registration Web