Nordic HDI 2014

We invite you to a unique PCB Seminar with Happy Holden on the 5th - 6th of March 2014

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For this 2-day event Happy Holden will take you step-by-step through the universe of progressing HDI. He will introduce you to HDI and its unique design opportunities and with his vast experience from Foxconn, he will teach you how to use HDI correctly and efficiently in your products.






Day 1 - Introduction & Advanced HDI Technologies

  • HDI Fabrication Processes
  • IPC HDI Std’s and HDI Materials
  • HDI Quality, Fabrication Problems and Issues
  • Controlled Impedance for HDI
  • Electrical Performance of HDI
  • Design Rules/Structures for BGA w/fine-Pitches
  • Case Studies of TH to HDI Conversions

End of Day 1

20.00 - Evening Event by Axcon:

  • Signal integrity and PCB Stackup


Day 2 - HIGH Density Design Strategies, Using HDI, for your Products

  • Why Do You Need HDI in your Designs?
  • Design Features of High Density PWB
  • 10 New Wiring Strategies in HDI
  • Electrical Performance of Signal Integrity & Power Integrity of HDI
  • 2nd and 3rd Generation HDI
  • Embedded Actives and Passives with HDI
  • Optical Waveguides Using HDI


Event place

Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel
Ellehammersvej 20, Kastrup
2770 Copenhagen, Denmark

Event Dates

5th  and 6th of March

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Happy Holden, PCB Technologist

Happy Holden is the retired Chief Technical Officer for the world's biggest PCB Fabricator - HonHai Precision Industries (Foxconn). Prior to joining Foxconn, Mr. Holden was the Senior PCB Technologist and Program Director for Mentor Graphics System Design Division in Longmont, CO, USA.


Before joining Mentor, he was the Advanced Technology Manager at NanYa/Westwood Associates and Merix Corporations. He retired from Hewlett-Packard after over 30 years. Mr. Holden formally managed Hewlett-Packard's application organizations in Taiwan and Hong Kong.


His prior assignments with HP had been as Director of PCB R&D and Manufacturing Engineering Manager. Mr. Holden has been involved in advanced PCB technologies for over 45 years. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. He is a member of the IPC, SMTA, IMAPS and the IEEE. He is a frequent consultant, speaker, panelist and writer on Printed Circuits & Packaging Topics and CIM Strategies and has had over 180 technical papers published on automation, printed circuits, advanced packaging, DFM and process engineering, as well as the very successful E-Book, "The HDI HANDBOOK". Furthermore, he has chapters in three books on HDI Technology and Design Planning/DFM, including the new 6th Edition of Coomb's PCB Handbook.   


Mr. Holden has participated on the IPC's T/MRC Steering Council, was the Technical Chairman for IPC EXPO'95, as well as SMT Conferences. In 1991, Mr. Holden received the IPC President's Award for outstanding contribution to the programs of the IPC worldwide and in 2002, the prestigious Atomic Giant 'Most Influential" in printed circuits. He lectures in Asia on PWB Design and Advanced Processes. He also holds several patents on chemical sensor technologies.