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Are you a part of a Community?

Well you have probably signed-up for Face Book, Twitter or some of the other communities on the web, but are you taking part in one or more of the Mentor Graphics Communities? If not you might be missing valuable information and networking possibilities for your profession. The various Mentor Graphics Communities give you web-based forum’s where you can learn from others and contribute to the community by sharing your experiences and thoughts with your peers in the industry.


Where to start!

There are many communities. Which one is suitable for your needs, depends on the tools and methodolgies you are using. We will be very surprised if there is not one that fulfills your needs. If you are a rookie, is the perfect place to start.


When entering the communities you’ll find a list of the various topics to your left. In the middle section you can see the most resent debates and to the right there are more links to Communities on both YouTube and Twitter plus Blogs, Polls etc.. The left side is where you go first, scroll the list to choose the community or communities that have your interest.


If you click “PCB Systems Design” you are led to a section of the Community that is 100% Schematic Capture and PCB layout oriented. Here you have access to all the experts who can assist you with any challenge you may have with DxDesigner, Expedition PCB, I/O Designer, HyperLynx, RF Design, PADS, etc.. The experts from Mentor Graphics are available and are happy to answer your questions. They closely monitor the activity and jump in and out of discussions when they feel they can contribute.


What do you gain?

If you are not part of a community yet, it is time to act. Participation in the debates that can help you to optimize your daily work through the help of your fellow engineers with their own experiences. This way the communities also help you to establish a professional network.


Even the “Best In Class” tools can be improved! As a professional engineer you might know that Mentor Graphics is fully aware and values your input on how to improve the tools and methodologies.


Especially for the purpose of getting your input, Mentor Graphics has created the community Mentor Ideas. Mentor Ideas is set up so you can provide valuable input and suggest how to improve the software and make it more efficient and intuitive. Mentor Ideas is the forum where you can present your suggestions or agree with suggestions placed by other users. This gives Mentor Graphics the best possible foundation to develop functionality optimized to your needs.


Mentor Ideas is probably the most important of all the communities. Mentor Ideas is the cradle from where new features and functionalities grows. And your input is important, so check out Mentor Ideas every now and then, and take part in the future development of your favourite design tools.