Your Partner For Better Manufacturing

For over 20 years, Circuit Byte has been helping its customers in the electronic industry improve manufacturing efficiency while reducing costs by eliminating time and material wastage.


Areas covered include CAD data preparation, BOM management, quoting, DFM, SMT programming, DFT, programming (AOI, ICT, MDA, flying probe), setup verification, workorder planning and scheduling, MES, asset utilization, material and warehouse management, Quality management, paperless repair and more.


At Circuit Byte, they use their wealth of experience to help customers identify areas in the electronic manufacturing process which can be improved and configure the optimal software solution to achieve maximum effect and quickest possible ROI.


Through constant process optimization, manufacturers, particularly EMS firms, can reduce costs without sacrificing quality, thus remaining competitive in the face of stiff offshore competition.


Circuit Bytes' manufacturing software solution is built around the Valor MSS suite of tools from Mentor Graphics Corp, with whom Circuit Byte has a long-term partnership. As European distributor for Mentor Graphics, Circuit Byte is responsible for product presentations, sales, post-sales support, integration and training. Rounding out the Valor MSS tools are tools developed by Circuit Byte itself. This includes the popular BOM Connector, which greatly eases the task of BOM preparation, part assignment and quoting. BOM Connector includes a direct link to the customer's internal ERP system (including SAP). Circuit Byte customers form a "who's who" of the industry. From small to medium-sized companies all the way through the top Fortune 500 firms worldwide. Particularly well represented are local and global EMS companies. Currently 7 of the top 10 are using products either developed or represented by Circuit Byte.


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