Automated, simulation-based IC package thermal characterization


FloTHERM® PACK is a unique, web-based solution that easily generates reliable, accurate thermal models of IC components, test boards, standard test harnesses and other associated parts 20 times faster than conventional approaches.


The Fastest PCB Thermal Design for Mechanical Engineers

About half of FloTHERM PCB customers surveyed were able to qualify the thermal impact of changes to their PCB designs in real time, with more than three-quarters qualifying the design daily. This unique capability provides thermal feedback to designers in sync with design iterations.


Source: Aberdeen Research 2007

FloTHERM PACK supplies the world’s package thermal models

With hundreds of FloTHERM PACK users downloading thousands of compact models per month, FloTHERM PACK has become the de facto industry standard for thermal model creation. Coupled with market-leading FloTHERM, it yields unprecedented usability, capability and ultimately productivity.

Generate thermal models 20X faster than conventional approaches

FloTHERM PACK’s JEDEC Standard Outline SmartPart wizard allows representative models of packages to be created with just a few mouse clicks. More than 40 popular package styles supported including ball grid arrays, leaded packages, pin grid arrays, discrete transistor outline packages, chip-scale packages, including multi-die packages.

Generate state-of-the-art detailed and compact models of IC components

FloTHERM PACK worksheets provide access to all the information used to generate detailed and compact thermal models, allowing detailed information about the package internals to be captured. It is the only commercial software tool that can actually generate high-accuracy DELPHI compact models at Network Assembly SmartParts for FloTHERM and FloTHERM XT.

Supply chain integration

Communicate thermal information to your external vendors or customers in a standardized manner. Share and archive thermal libraries within an organization using the unique workgroup feature. Publish models for use by your customers, helping your business and increasing customer satisfaction.