Web-based IC package thermal characterization tool for semiconductor manufacturers. FloTHERM IC delivers unprecedented automation and productivity in generating thermal metrics.


FloTHERM® IC is a web-based tool that incorporates a high level of automation for semiconductor thermal characterization and design tasks. Built around FloTHERM PACK, the well-established package SmartPart technology, and FloTHERM CFD solver technology, FloTHERM IC greatly boosts productivity of thermal analysts in the semiconductor industry.


High Level of Automation

A typical semiconductor thermal group spends approximately 60 percent of its time on standard package thermal characterization, according to Mentor Graphics research.


FloTHERM IC slashes that time, and for the first time enables non-expert users to generate metrics for their customers, freeing thermal specialists to focus on the tougher issues requiring their expertise.

Designed for Semiconductor Packaging Engineers

About 40 percent of a typical semiconductor thermal group’s time is spent on customer-specific simulations. FloTHERM IC cuts that time by about 25 percent, further freeing packaging engineers to work on higher-value design activities.

Established, Proven Technology

FloTHERM IC delivers the model-building and simulation technology for metrics and compact thermal models found in FloTHERM PACK to packaging engineers. It offers a SmartPart-based architecture to support package model development.

Sensitivity Analysis Capability

Investigate the influence of key package parameters such as die size, power, die attach conductivity, lead pitch etc. on any JEDEC metric or compact model in just a few mouse clicks, making it easy to optimize the thermal design.