Stories you normally don't tell

Design errors, included?

Stories you normally don't telll


At the end of the series 'Design errors, included?' remains the final question: 


Does the HyperLynx DRC tool really work?


First let me thank the user who was willing to share his design errors with us. We fully understand that sharing this information is a big step to make, therefore our sincere gratitude.



  • 28 DRC rules programed
  • Spec update many
  • “not-allowed to change “Placement of Large components and Testpoints :
  • Design characteristics: DSP, SDRAMs, hi-frequency clock signals
  • Radiation measurement and comparison with previous version



  • 72% violations resolved
  • 28% not, due to no-change constraints
  • radiation lowering of about0-8 dB over complete frequency range
  • some peaks disappeared



The above example shows us that implementing your design rules lead to significant design improvements. 


Next question. “How I can convince you that the Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx DRC tool is also a good solution for your design verification process?” 

I believe that the best way would be with your own experience.  So I hereby invite you to join the HyperLynx DRC workshop that I will provide at Tuesday the 4th or the 25th of November. In this workshop I will highlight the capabilities of detecting EMI, SI and PI problems with the included standard rules.

You will learn:

  • Basic application knowledge
    • Graphical user interface
    • Process Flow (startup)
    • Run DRC rules
    • Reviewing the design
  • Understand functionality of pre-implemented rules
  • Basics of the Debugging environment

By attending the workshop you will receive a 30-days evaluation license of HyperLynx DRC software.

With the gained knowledge you can start an evaluation of the tool by yourself on your own designs.


Free HyperLynx DRC Workshop: Tuesday the 4th or 25th of November 2014

Via this link you can find more information about this workshop and register.

This HyperLynx DRC workshop is free of cost, but has limited space.