ECAD Part Wizard

ECAD Part Wizard

The availability of accurate, high quality ECAD models offers many advantages toengineers including rapid design-in, fewer PCB errors andsignificant time savings resulting in an improved end user experience and shorter time to market.



We are working closely with component manufacturers to provide a range of  highly accurate ECAD models, offering symbol and footprint information for electronic components. These models support all popular ECAD tool formats, and are available for download via the Product Data Library free of charge.


ECAD Part Wizard (EPW) models give engineers full control of the symbol fracturing and symbol pin positions (left, right, top, bottom). An EPW file contains accurate component data and is an application all in a single .exe file!


Using EPW is simple:


  1. Download a single EPW file for your selected component.
  2. Fracture the symbol how you would like it to look on your design.
  3. Export the Symbol(s) & footprint to your existing ECAD tools.


The layout footprints provided in EPW models are IPC compliant and include the nominal, least and maximum variants.


Having customised the symbols’ appearance, the models (symbols & PCB footprint) may be exported from EPW in one of the supported ECAD tool formats – Mentor Graphics, Altium, Zuken, Cadence and Design Spark. If the engineer wishes to use the default symbol fracturing it can be used immediately. Selected parametric data for the component, as detailed in the manufacturer’s datasheet, is also imported into your ECAD tool and can appear on reports or a BOM.


With support for all leading ECAD tools and component information endorsed by component manufactures, EPW is the complete solution for your ECAD model library needs.


ECAD Part Wizard was previously called the Schematic Part Wizard. EPW outputs contain both the symbol and footprint data.


EPW requires MS Excel.