Schematic Design

Schematic Design

Complete solution for schematic design capture and reuse

The PADS® schematic capture environment provides a complete schematic design solution making the capture and definition of your schematic simple and fast. The integrated desktop enables the engineer to perform every key design creation task in a single environment. It provides everything needed for circuit design and simulation, component selection, library management and signal integrity planning. Intuitive project and design navigation, complete hierarchical support, and advanced tools for design rules and attribute management help you meet your PCB design goals.


Manage assets and improve productivity

Achieve efficiency and productivity with schematic enablers like component management, full forward and backward annotation to layout, and a direct link to signal integrity analysis.

You can set and verify your design constraints as early in the schematic design phase as you want. Quick access to the library content makes the search, placement, and verification of new symbols simple. The high level of automation, combined with advanced graphics and extended tool tips, makes it easy and efficient to use PADS, whether you are a frequent or a casual user.

Design reuse and variant design are supported, which reduces product time-to-market, improves product quality, and lowers product costs.


Integration and scalability

Intuitive and highly scalable, PADS provides a productive design environment that reduces design cycle time. Deep, integrated capabilities enable design entry, component information management, design variants, and analysis and verification.

  • Capture once and reuse to accelerate development
  • Cut design time with hierarchical, reusable design blocks
  • Easily connect to component databases for fast part searches
  • Verify and update designs between schematic and layout
  • Cross-probe, back annotate, and more



Hierarchical design definition environment

Capture your design intent in one place with multiple sheets, constraints, and simulation.

Intelligent part selection via integration with component information management

Quickly search and select components from any standard parts database.

Interconnect editor for table-based design of high-pin-out components such as FPGAs, connectors and backplanes

Rapidly define large device representations without the hassle of multi-sheet symbols.