Leverage industry-leading technology to create the most complex designs

PADS® Professional layout tools combine ease-of-use with highly automated functionality to give engineers exceptional control over the creation of the most complex designs.

Sketch Router technology combines automatic routing power with user control during interactive editing operations, producing high-quality results with exceptional performance.



A fully integrated 2D/3D environment lets you address electro-mechanical optimization challenges at the PCB layout stage to eliminate costly, late-cycle redesigns. Component planning and placement can be completed in 2D or 3D, incorporating photorealistic 3D components, board structure and enclosure.


  • 3D layout and MCAD collaboration
  • Automated placement planning and management
  • Auto-assisted interactive sketch routing
  • RF/analog/digital/embedded co-design
  • Constraint-driven routing and tuning of high-speed nets
  • Manufacturing optimization


Integrated 2D/3D editing environment

Reduce design schedules without learning a new tool, using the same selection, planning and placement functionality.

Placement planning and management

Quickly visualize and implement the engineers design intent to produce an optimal component placement.

Auto-assisted interactive sketch routing technology

Sketch routing provides a set of highly integrated automated routing features including the Sketch Router™, Hug Router, Real Trace Routing, and Dynamove. These tools facilitate an automated routing experience that includes intuitive user control, high quality, and exceptional performance.