Constraint Management

Constraint Management

Integrated constraint management for correct-by-construction design

PADS® Professional helps you keep increasingly dense, complex PCB designs strictly constrained to design rules. Manual documentation, translation, and interpretation of these rules often cause longer product development cycles and increased costs. PADS Professional uses an Xpedition®-powered, fully integrated constraint-driven design methodology that reduces design costs and time-to-market by automating design rules communication and eliminating unnecessary PCB prototypes and re-spins.


Get direct validation of your layout against design intent through common, concurrent constraint editing and cross-probing using constraint templates that extend complex rules to multiple nets. Constraints can be verified directly within the spreadsheet-based constraint editing environment, which supports bi-directional cross-probing, highlighting and selection between schematic capture and physical design tools in the flow.

  • Enter constraints once and propagate throughout the design flow
  • Precisely control classes, nets, groups, pin pairs, and more using hierarchical rules
  • Ensure routes meet performance requirements with high-speed rules
  • Nest constraints for more efficient route control in the design flow
  • Define high-speed rules for matched lengths, differential pairs, max/min length and more


Maintain design intent throughout the process

PADS Professional helps you accurately, efficiently capture and comply with design intent, using bi-directional cross-probing, highlighting and selection between constant environment, design capture and layout.

Define and verify electrical and physical constraints in a single environment

Eliminates the need for separate databases.

Simplified constraint entry accelerates the design process

Supports constraint reuse within a design and between designs, as well as concurrent constraint entry.