PCB simulation solutions for high-performance designs

PADS® Professional offers a complete suite of analysis and verification software, powered by HyperLynx® technology, to meet the needs of PCB hardware engineers at any point in the board design flow. Easy to use, HyperLynx equips PCB engineers to efficiently analyze, solve, and verify critical requirements to avoid costly re-spins. Achieve greater innovation, faster time-to-market, and decreased costs.


Analog simulation

Full-board functional simulation with SPICE, VHDL, Verilog, and other industry-standard languages.

The built-in waveform display and analysis engine enables measurement between transition points via multiple cursors and interactive event search, creation of special diagrams and charts, and waveform post-processing. A single schematic for simulation and PCB design helps eliminate design transcription errors and expedite time-to-market for your products.


Signal integrity

Analyze signal integrity issues, including crosstalk, early in the design cycle to eliminate costly re-spins. The software is tightly integrated into the design flow – from schematic design through final layout verification.

With fast, easy, and accurate signal integrity analysis results, designers can efficiently manage rule exploration, definition, and validation, ensuring that engineering intent is fully achieved. Accurate transmission line modeling is supported, including trace impedance, coupling, and frequency-dependent losses. The Terminator wizard recommends optimal termination strategies as it sweeps different values for discretes, trace geometries and lengths, and driver settings.


Thermal analysis

Fast, accurate 3D modeling and simulation of the thermal impact of PCB placement and routing. Find component and PCB hot spots quickly and efficiently using effective “what-if” analysis on component placement, stack-up design, and mechanical cooling techniques. Analyze all major heat-transfer mechanisms, including convection, conduction, and radiation.


Power integrity analysis

Accurately model power distribution networks throughout the PCB design process, analyze voltage drop, and identify areas of excessive current density in your layout.

Identify potential power integrity distribution issues that can interfere with board design logic, and investigate and validate solutions in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment. The intuitive tool gives you the ability to quickly and accurately analyze power integrity, without the usual steep learning curve of most power analysis products.