Project Data Management

Project Data Management

Build and manage components and automate archive management

Integrated library management available throughout the design process to build and manage components and automated archive management that reduces the overhead of manual backup creation.

Library Creation and Editing

The central library manages all aspects of the logical to physical part data required in complex PCB systems. The central library brings together the symbol (logical view), cell (physical geometry), padstack and logical to physical pin mapping (part data), providing a central cockpit for part management.

Archive Creation and Management

PADS® Professional archive management is an integrated and efficient method of automatically creating and restoring design and project backups. Using a vault-based storage mechanism, the Archive Navigator is used to view and manage the contents of the vault and contains folders, projects, and multiple archives. Quickly and easily search the content of the vault to identify schematics and layouts for graphical viewing, redlining/markup, comparison, and to generate design specific reports for more detailed design review.


Supplies a viewable navigator tree to review part relationships

Provides a single entry point for the creation of all elements of the logical to physical mapping of PCB part data.

Integrates symbol, cell, padstack and part editors

Provides built-in consistency checking and verification.

Use Archive Navigator to view and manage the contents of the vault

Open graphical views of the schematic and PCB layout, create reports, run design comparisons, and launch design authoring tools.

Comprehensive redline and markup capabilities for design review

Use intelligent red-lining to add information and comments with cross-probing between the graphical view, and all reports and markups.