Valor NPI Introduction


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Valor NPI Introduction

Duration: 3 days

Course Part Number: 250326



This course covers the Valor NPI operations for incorporating Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis into your PCB design process. At the conclusion of this course the attendee will understand the navigation of the Valor NPI system, general tool usage, and analysis review. Focus will be placed on a “Best Practices” process flow that will guide the user through the stages of ODB++ export and EDA input, through analysis and resolution, and finishing with output and reporting.


Upon completion of this course, the user will have the full necessary knowledge to run DFM verification, as well as adjust rules to impact results.


You will learn how to

  • Define the DFM verification flow using the Process Flow Wizard
  • Understand commonly used functionality of Valor NPI Engineering Toolkit
  • Use Valor NPI Graphic Station general operations and navigation
  • Apply attribute features and components using Design Preparation
  • Validate hole sizes using Drill Tool Manager
  • Identify shorted or broken nets in the NetList Analyzer
  • Query components and features using the Feature Filter
  • Review DFM violations in the Manufacturing Risk Analysis (MRA) utility
  • Generate a violations report using the ShareList
  • Follow general Checklist Operations for creating an analysis Checklist
  • Map CAD packages using Component Classification


Hands-on labs

  • Create Fab and Assy Checklists
  • Translate EDA Data
  • Create Design Preparation Rule Sets
  • Create Design Center Folders
  • Configure Design Process Wizard
  • Create ERF Models
  • Running ERFs and Checklists
  • Netlist Analyzer
  • Create User Filters
  • Build a Design Preparations Set
  • Perform Component Classifications
  • Generate reports using Share List
  • Expedition Integration
  • CAM Compare



  • Familiarity with PCB design technology
  • Familiarity with PCB manufacturing, and Assembly



Student workbook table of contents


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