Design Reuse

Design Reuse

Effective design reuse is a critical objective for every electronic design company as 75% of future productivity gains will come through reuse. Executives, managers, and engineers all have a big stake in reuse, but nearly everyone underestimates the challenges associated with it.


Mentor Graphics offers products in the HDL Designer Series family that will, in minutes, automatically comprehend the design hierarchy, highlight syntax errors, point out missing or orphaned blocks, determine the quality of the HDL code, visualize the design to accelerate understanding of the design being reused, and prepare the new design for efficient future reuse, optionally in IP-XACT format.



HDL Designer

With deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, HDL Designer delivers a powerful HDL design environment. Learn More ►



  • Saves time by analyzing and correcting design integrity
  • Ensures the best reuse decision by measuring code quality
  • Accelerates design understanding of structure and behavior
  • Automates assembly of IP-XACT models
  • Generates IP-XACT enabled IP models
  • Extracts, packages and manages IP for future reuse