Managing Requirements in Your Design Flow

ReqTracer manages requirements in your FPGA and ASIC design flows. ReqTracer simplifies, automates and enables requirements traceability from specification of the hardware specification through HDL coding, implementation and validation.



Clearly tracking of hardware implementation for specified requirement validation has become a preferred development practice that is well suited for safety critical projects in medical, transportation, aerospace and military, but is equally significant for any complex ASIC or FPGA design.


Benefits and Features

  • Interactive requirements tracing and analysis tool
  • Enables traceability of design requirements from source all the way to the details of the design implementation and verification results
  • Interfaces to key Mentor design tools such and Questa, HDL Designer and Certe Testbench Studio
  • Links design and verification data into requirements-aware relationships
  • Confirms all design requirements have been implemented and fully tested
  • ReqTracer assists in linking requirements to design source and verification results. A variety of analysis and report generation can be done using the linked relationships between requirements, design and test data.
  • Unique ability to link together diverse data in a variety of formats bridging the traditional gap between requirements tools, design tools and test tools
  • ReqTracer has advanced interfaces with key Mentor hardware design tools allowing access to data in a requirements-aware context.


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