Tanner MEMS Design Flow

Tanner MEMS Design Flow

Affordable, easy-to-use 3D MEMS design environment for faster time to market

Tanner MEMS design flow delivers 3D MEMS design and fabrication support in one unified environment, and makes it easy to integrate MEMS devices with analog/mixed-signal processing circuitry on the same IC. Foundry-proven, it enhances the manufacturability of MEMS devices via mechanical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, electrostatic, magnetic and fluid analyses.


  • Create a MEMS 3D model from layout
  • Highly programmable layout editor with MEMS-friendly capabilities, such as curved polygons
  • Design rule checking for MEMS manufacturability
  • System-level simulation of IC design and MEMS devices
  • Complete layer & design geometry visualization
  • Automatically generate behavioral models of your MEMS devices
  • Import DXF with boundary reconstruction, export DXF
  • Available for Windows or Linux


Addressing the challenges of IoT Design

Internet of Things (IoT) designs mesh together several design domains in order to successfully develop a product that interfaces real-world activity to the internet. Individually, these design domains are challenging for today’s engineers. Bringing them all together to create an IoT product can place extreme pressure on design teams. Via this whitepaper the challenges of IoT Design are addressed. The fundamental challenge of IoT design is working in four design domains; analog, digital, RF, and MEMS. The Tanner design flow is architected to seamlessly work in any of the design domains by employing an integrated design flow for design, simulation, layout, and verification.


Addressing the Challenges of IoT Design




Advanced 3D analysis tools

Supports mechanical, thermal, acoustic, electrical, electrostatic, magnetic and fluid analyses.

Complex polygon Boolean operations

Reduces errors and increases productivity.

Automatic layout generation with parameterized cells

Cells can be compiled for speed and/or distribution, programmed in C++ or Tcl. Supports external interfaces.

Advanced mask layout and verification flow

Support for a wide variety of MEMS foundry-proven process support available.