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PLM Resource Center

Please find hereunder various Product Lifecycle Management related articles, brochures, datasheets, customer success stories and whitepapers.


Customer Success Stories

A variety of customers are leveraging the Omnify PLM system to efficiently develop products such as: wireless network platforms, soft-switch gateways, enterprise border controllers, advanced voice services platforms, network processors, digital and sonar imaging products, aerospace navigation and control systems, semiconductor equipment, medical laser technology, ultrasound technology, and biomedical tools. Please find here some Customer Success Stories:


Return on Investment


Justifying Investment in PLM Technology

In this economy, you're facing huge pressure to make your products better, faster, and cheaper.


Companies that leverage technology to implement and enforce best practices will not only get through this tough economic period but emerge in an even stronger position. Unfortunately, the economic landscape has many companies putting their technology investments on hold which could hurt more than it helps. Investments in technology such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are made in order to support business success through improved product development efficiencies, accelerated time-to-market, and helping to meet customer demands. Investing in technology to support best practices sooner than later can have a significant impact on the success of a company, particularly in this economic climate.


"Companies that have their core product development processes under control stand a much higher likelihood of not only surviving the economic downturn, but profiting from it." - Aberdeen, 2009


Omnify Software is ideal in today's market, offering manufacturers an affordable, business-ready PLM solution, without sacrificing functionality.


Benefits of PLM in Today's Economy

  • Reduced product costs: By leveraging existing products/components and facilitating re-use as well as eliminating scrap and rework.
  • Shortened time-to-market: By streamlining processes from concept to manufacturing, reducing development cycles and resulting in faster turnaround time for new products.
  • Improved product quality: By integrating change management and quality management processes and enabling real-time access to critical design and manufacturing information.
  • Meet customer demands: By lowering development, manufacturing and purchasing costs while delivering improved product performance.
  • Increased product innovation: By centralizing all product data and improving visibility for all teams and facilitate information sharing.
  • Improved resource allocation/labor savings: By creating more efficient processes to allow employees to focus on their core job functions and being able to do more with less resources.
  • Eliminate compliance fines/non-conformance: By leveraging a system to effectively manage, track and report compliance data (FDA, ISO, FAA, RoHS, etc...).


Realize a Rapid Return on Investment with Omnify Software

"We achieved 100% return on investment from Omnify in the first year and we expect our return to be even greater in the future." - Redline Communications


Business-ready: Quick to implement and easy to use system that requires minimal IT maintenance.

  • Affordable: Floating license model with term and perpetual purchase options.
  • Open integration platform: Direct interfaces to engineering tools and manufacturing/business systems allowing customers to leverage existing technology investments and facilitating quick adoption without interruption to current processes.
  • Rapid return on investment: Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and quick ramp-up/user adoption allows customers to realize a rapid return on their investment.