Xtend PADS

Scale PADS® capabilities to meet your needs.

Options include DC drop, electronics cooling, high-speed routing, MCAD co-design, and more.

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Advanced PCB Layout

Enhance your layout capabilities with our most popular option

If PCB layout is your game, the Advanced PCB Layout option is worth a serious look. Available only with PADS Standard Plus, this bundle adds best-in-class high-speed autorouting, time-saving DFT audits, and an advanced packaging toolkit for designing with bare-die components all at an incredible price.  View Datasheet


PADS HyperLynx DC Drop

Identify high current densities and excessive voltage drop with PADS HyperLynx® DC Drop

Power delivery and reliability are critical for product creation with today’s modern, high-performance electronic circuits. Avoid unexpected or unpredictable circuit behavior by identifying power-delivery issues early in the product creation. Learn More ►



PADS HyperLynx DRC

Identify complex electrical rule violations affecting design integrity and performance

Ensure your product ships without signal integrity or EMI issues. PADS HyperLynx DRC identifies problems, such as traces crossing a void, that the assumptions made by simulation-only approaches cannot catch. Learn More ►


PADS HyperLynx DDR

Quantify timing and SI concerns for DDR 1/2/3 memory interfaces with PADS HyperLynx DDR

Successful design of DDR interfaces requires investigation of signal integrity issues and characterization of timing margins. The easy-to-use wizard in PADS HyperLynx DDR walks you through the steps needed to set up parameters for use in SI and timing simulations, helping you achieve first-time design success. Learn More ►



Electronics cooling

Ensure electronic cooling requirements with PADS FloTHERM® XT

Insufficient cooling can result in schedule delays, low reliability, and increased product costs, especially in today’s high-performance devices where components are densely packed into ever-smaller enclosures. Guarantee your product’s success with PADS FloTHERM XT. Learn More ►



Design for Manufacturing Analysis

Improve yields: 100 common fabrication and assembly analyses

Ensure that your design is manufacturing-ready. This option includes more than 100 of the most commonly used fabrication and assembly analyses, making it easy to identify issues like resist slivers, unintended copper, and improper test point – to – test point spacing that cause production delays.  View Datasheet


MCAD Collaborator

Communicate design intent between ECAD and MCAD

Communicate design intent between electrical and mechanical CAD systems using the PADS MCAD Collaborator option, available only with PADS Standard Plus. Both you and the mechanical engineer stay in your respective system’s comfort zone, making collaboration effective and convenient. View Datasheet



RF Design

Create RF circuits and interface directly with Keysight® ADS

Use the Advanced RF Design option to draw RF shapes and to interface with Keysight ADS. Parametrically create RF circuits in PADS Professional and send them to ADS for simulation. Or have your RF specialist send circuits to you, via the two-way interface. 

  View Datasheet


FPGA-PCB Co-Design

Overcome design challenges related to high pin-count FPGAs

Improve routability and signal integrity by optimizing FPGA pin-out assignments with the FPGA-PCB Co-Design option for PADS Professional. HDL synthesis and advanced FPGA-PCB I/O optimization help reduce time-to-market and manufacturing costs.

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Design Review

Review, document, and share design data with stakeholders across the design process

The Design Review option for PADS Professional lets you easily review complex PCB schematic and layout designs, add feedback, and share design information between departments and with manufacturers.  View Datasheet


Multi-Trace High-speed (HSD) Routing/Tuning

Save time when routing high-speed designs

Set and protect net topologies and eliminate impedance changes. With this option you’ll gain superb control of matched-length, differential pairs, and min/max length nets anywhere in the rules hierarchy.

 View HSD datasheet for PADS Std/StdPlus

 View HSD datasheet for PADS Professional