Product Creation Platform

Product Creation Platform

Take your electronic product ideas from concept to reality with PADS

Electronic Product Creation


Only PADS® can provide engineers and small teams with a product creation platform optimized for component selection, signal and power integrity, electronics cooling, form and fit, PCB layout, and manufacturing.


Meet electronic cooling requirements

Every electronic product needs to be analyzed for thermal issues.


Identify high current densities and excessive voltage drop

Power delivery and reliability are critical for creating products with high-performance electronic circuits


Understand, simulate, and debug circuits

Predict analog/mixed-signal circuit performance early in the product creation process.


Analyze signal integrity issues

Perform early ‘what-if’ SI analysis and validate performance before manufacturing.


Select the right part

Ensure you choose the right part with access to verified database and online research tools.


Optimize your design for manufacturing

Products aren’t complete until they’re manufactured. Get them right the first time with PADS DFM analysis, testability, and documentation tools.


Detect mechanical conflicts

Use 3D design with DRC to verify form and fit during product creation.


Leverage IP for greater productivity

Intellectual property (IP) can be a significant productivity advantage to getting your products created on-time and on-budget.