Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

Polarion® Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

The Polarion Unified Platform enables development organizations to streamline, automate, and optimize development processes across multiple projects and lifecycles.


Unified Development
Unify your development ecosystem and project portfolio around a single source of integrated data.


Collaboration & Compliance
Align and collaborate around a common purpose and objective. Track and measure progress and compliance across project lifecycles.


Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid
Streamline development processes across Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid development operations.


Cloud or On-Premise
Access Polarion solutions anytime, anywhere on a 100% browser-based platform available on-premise or in the cloud.



The Polarion Portfolio

Innovate, problem-solve, and unlock synergies across distributed teams.
Flexible architecture and licensing enables organizations to go as they grow.




One code-base - activate and pay for only the parts that you need


Polarion® QA™

Design, coordinate, and track all your test management activities in a single, collaborative QA environment. Learn more


Effectively gather, author, approve and manage requirements for complex systems across entire project lifecycles. Learn more ►

Polarion® PRO™

Unify change management, task & issue tracking and work reporting across all project contributors across the enterprise. Learn More ►

Polarion® REVIEWER™

Enable internal and external stakeholders to review and comment on work items, and provide industry-compliant electronic signatures and approvals. Learn More ►

Polarion® ALM™

Everything you need to accelerate innovation in one Unified Solution.

Connect teams and projects, and improve application development processes with a single, unified solution for requirements, coding, testing, and release. Learn more ►


Separately licensed functionality

Polarion® VARIANTS™

Rapidly and effectively design, develop and manage complex families of product versions and variants with industry-leading technology and integrations. Learn More ►

Polarion Connector™ for Siemens Teamcenter™

Bridge the worlds of ALM and PLM with data federation and process orchestration that have proven to deliver interoperability and end-to-end traceability for complex, multi-system product development. Learn more ►


Industry Solutions



Communicate and collaborate across complex internal and supplier ecosystems in near real-time. Polarion Automotive supports full traceability, software quality, and compliance with ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE and CMMI standards. Learn More ►

Medical Devices

Ensure quality, safety and regulatory compliance across complex, multi-system projects. Pre-built workflow templates and add-ons accelerate design, development and testing of medical devices. Learn More ►


Reduce time-to-market and improve quality and safety across multiple, complex systems. Polarion provides end-to-end traceability and proof of compliance, and can be deployed in a matter of days and fully configured in a matter of weeks. Learn More ►

Embedded Systems

Optimize complex, inter-dependent product systems with efficient collaboration and end-to-end traceability across systems and throughout the project lifecycle. Learn More ►

Functional Solutions



Speed vs. Compliance? Achieve Both!

Increase Agility While Protecting Compliance, Your Way. Learn More ►


Do not worry about availability, security and performance, or solution updates. Get up and running with the lowest upfront capital investment. Learn More ►


Polarion enables product development organizations to have a single, cohesive product ecosystem, with multi-directional linking of ALM and PLM data and processes. Learn more ►