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CAD-Resurs is a Service Bureau doing PCB Layout services.


Isafjordsgatan 22A, 5tr
164 40 Kista


Skaraborgsvägen 21, 3tr
506 30 Borås

Markets & Applications

We have a wide variety of customers, in most types of application, such as Consumer, Data communication, Defence, Industrial, Medical, Telecom and Space





Johan Lindh, CEO
Phone: +46 (0)72 717 73 50


Our primary focus is to support Nordic companies, but we have a few projects every year outside Nordic countries.

General enquiries:

Phone: +46 (0)13 23 83 33


Our business idea is to offer competent assistance to companies that need extra, or do not have their own, PCB layout resources.

We can offer assistance from one, or more, of eight PCB designers, with 10 to over 30 year experience of demanding digital and analog PCB designs.

Our experience doesn’t stop at only knowing electronics. We have a solid understanding of production processes and how to make the design as close to production ready as possible, already when doing the initial layout. Doing this the correct way does not increase design time for the first layout round, but saves huge amount of time the second round, or whenever the design needs to be made producible.

We use a range of Mentor Graphics tools, such as Xpedition PCB, PADS and PADS Professional, all complete with tools for both layout and schematic entry. As a complement, we also use other tools, such as Cadence, OrCAD and Altium.