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PADS Professional is built on Xpedition® technology, enterprise-grade tools that scale to any size or complexity of design. Benefits of PADS Professional include:


  • Rigid-flex centric design features - Simplify the fastest growing PCB interconnection technology
  • Multi-trace High-Speed routing - Define, tune, and review complex nets 5X faster!
  • Simulation and Analysis - Powered by industry-renowned HyperLynx technologies
  • ECAD-MCAD Collaboration - Accelerate time-to-market and quality with efficient electro-mechanical co-design


Get More with PADS Professional!



PADS Professional Free Trial

The full PADS® Professional flow enables you to design, validate, and manufacture PCB-centric systems.


PADS Professional utilizes industry-leading Xpedition® technology which is powerful enough to handle the most complex and demanding designs requirements. Start your free trial today!




  • Altium®, CADSTAR®, OrCAD® & other translators
  • Starter library
  • Part creation wizard
  • Hierarchical schematic with table-based design
  • PADS AMS Cloud online circuit simulation
  • Constraints with hierarchy
  • Design rule verification
  • Interactive and automatic routing
  • Split planes & copper pour
  • ECAD-MCAD collaboration
  • RF design
  • 3D rendering with STEP import/export
  • Design compare & review
  • 3D placement with DRC
  • Integrated front-to-back constraint management
  • High-speed constraint support
  • Differential pairs
  • Matched-length & min/max routing
  • Design variant management
  • High-speed interactive routing
  • Signal integrity with crosstalk
  • Thermal analysis
  • Analog simulation
  • Advanced high-speed constraints
  • Sketch routing
  • Hierarchical 2D/3D planning & placement


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