Gebouw N

Haaksbergerstraat 67

7554 PA Hengelo

The Netherlands


Markets & Applications:

We have a wide variety of customers, in most types of application, such as Consumer, Data communication, Defence, Industrial, Medical, Telecom and Space.


Lidy Brink

Marketing Manager

+31 74 2555713



Troubleshooting, pre-prototype board analysis (SI / PI / thermal / timing / DfM / DfA), PCB design, electronics design.


General inquiries

+31 74 2555713





Sintecs. Designing on the edge

We make electronics designs on the edge of what is technically feasible. We actively seek new design challenges and constantly push ourselves. We help companies design complex electronics that really do work.


Our help often starts with troubleshooting a prototype. For a next project, this may expand to pre-prototype board analysis. At the next level our help includes PCB design. Ultimately it spans the entire electronics design process.


We spent over 20 years helping our customers designing reliable, high end, high speed hardware. That’s why we know like no other that electronics design requires a close collaboration between schematics design, analysis and PCB layout engineers. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of analysis results. They constantly work together to design complex electronics that really do work.