Xpedition Training Library

Xpedition Training Library

Xpedition® on-demand training library will offer a complete portfolio of learning paths for schematic design, constraint definition, pcb layout, and library creation and management.

Learning Paths

Learning paths let you focus on developing the skills you need most.

  • MLC Overview and Xpedition Curriculum
  • Schematic Entry Quick Start using Xpedition Designer
  • Schematic Entry Quick Start
  • Schematic Entry in the Xpedition Flow
  • Constraint Management
  • EDM Design
  • xDM Design
  • xDM Library for Designers
  • Multi-board Systems Design
  • PCB Layout in the Xpedition Flow
  • PCB Layout Advanced Topics
  • 3D Layout
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Design
  • FPGA I/O Optimization in the Xpedition Flow
  • RF Design in the Xpedition Flow
  • Variant Manager in the Xpedition Flow
  • Library Part Creation in the Xpedition Flow
  • xDM Library for Librarians
  • Transition to Xpedition VX.1
  • Transition to VX.2 from VX.1
  • Schematic Integrity Analysis using Xpedition Valydate
  • Mixed-Signal Modeling and Simulation using SystemVision


A more detailed description of the learning paths can be found here.


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During your subscription period, you will automatically receive access to all new content added to the library, including training on new product releases and technology updates to maximize your proficiency.


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