Improving Thermal Accuracy with Electronics Digital Twin

Improving Thermal Accuracy with Electronics Digital Twin

Cost-effective thermal design and management approach for electronics systems


Electronics and thermal designers today face the challenge of an ever-increasing need for smaller, lighter and yet more powerful electronics devices. As such we see the advent of complex integrated circuits such as PoPs and SoCs in consumer electronics. We also have mission critical systems and power electronics which handle extremely high powers, all requiring careful thermal design. The cost of failure can be high, while the reputational damage arising from poor designs, can be incalculable. The most cost-effective thermal design and management for electronics systems require a combined measurement and thermal simulation approach.


In this webinar we will address how the thermal transient test results can be used by thermal simulations to improve, not only the accuracy of the IC models, but also the corresponding improvements to the accuracy for the entire system.


What you will learn

  • What are the consequences of using inaccurate thermal models of the semiconductor devices
  • What are transient thermal measurements and structure functions, their advantages, and how we use them tcalibrate and improve our semiconductor thermal models
  • Demonstration of the calibration process using Siemens simulation solution
  • Application example of using a calibrated model


Who should attend

  • Engineering directors and managers
  • Research & Development engineers & scientists
  • Test and experimental specialists
  • Simulation engineers




Live Webinar: Improving Thermal Accuracy with Electronics Digital Twin



Wednesday the 3rd of March 2021






4:00 AM - 5:00 AM CEST