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Mentor’s new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform includes integrated solutions for design capture, floorplanning, custom routing, polygon editing, physical layout, schematic-driven layout, concurrent editing and chip assembly. To help companies jump-start their design cycles and cut time-to-market, Mentor Graphics and its foundry partners have developed design kits.


These kits include all the foundry-specific devices and models for use with Pyxis Custom IC Design solutions. The platform supports all common commercial design kit formats plus numerous customer proprietary formats. Mentor supports OpenPDK, iPDK and other industry standards.


The solutions in this platform are easily configured and offer an affordable option for design engineers.



Pyxis Concurrent enables multiple users to edit the same cell at the same time. Instead of placing the chip finishing duties solely in the hands of a single layout engineer, Pyxis Concurrent allows the... View Video ►



Pyxis Custom Router, an add-on option for Pyxis Implement, introduces an integrated tool box of advanced custom routing functionality. The tool box includes a global router for congestion mitigation, a... View Video ►



Custom IC Design Products

Pyxis Schematic

Pyxis Schematic, part of Mentor's new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a powerful and easy-to-use design entry environment with advanced capabilities that boost designer productivity.


Pyxis Implement

Pyxis Implement, part of Mentor's new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a highly productive environment for correct by construction layout entry and editing.


Pyxis Layout

Pyxis Layout, part of Mentor's new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a fast and flexible environment for layout entry and editing. 

 Pyxis Schematic ►

 Pyxis Layout ►


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