Precision Physical

Precision Physical

Precision Physical features post-place-and-route physical synthesis to meet aggressive timing requirements for complex FPGA designs.

In addition to post-P&R physical synthesis, Precision Physical offers an interactive layout editor for further physical optimizations and a powerful placement reuse flow for incremental changes. Precision Physical is a super-set of Precision RTL and Precision RTL Plus.



Physical Synthesis

  • Performs optimizations using post-P&R data
  • Reduces runtime of future P&R iterations


Interactive Physical Layout Editor

  • Find trouble areas in physical implementation
  • Optimize specific areas or timing paths


Modular Design Reuse Flow

  • Reuses placement of unmodified blocks


Enhanced Design Analysis

  • Cross-probe between design schematics and physical layout


All Features of Precision RTL Plus

  • Mil-aero & safety-critical features
  • Physical synthesis (pre-P&R)
  • Low power synthesis
  • Incremental flows
  • Precise-IP™
  • Precise-Encrypt
  • Mixed language support with SystemVerilog
  • Resource Manager
  • ASIC prototyping support
  • Integration with Mentor tools


Precision Device Support